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A new path to digital marketing

The new book by Gabriele Carboni, with the foreword by Philip Kotler.

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The Marketing Distinguo card deck

The unique, distinctive way to sell a product or a service (or yourself as a seller)

Marketing Distinguo is a simple process to answer the most difficult question: “Why should I buy your company’s product rather than your competitor’s?”

On the one hand, Positioning refers to the “place” the brand occupies in the consumer’s mind.

On the other hand, USP positions the product within a particular market in order to create the perfect advertising.

A glue between these two concepts is essential as it not only simplifies the job of the marketing manager and communications agency, but is reflected in the product/service being offered and/or in the hallmarks of the company itself.

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Whatch the video about Philip Kotler talking about the Marketing Distinguo card deck at World Marketing Summit Italy 2019.

Giving back: the impact of Philip Kotler

With Gabriele Carboni and many other gurus of marketing, thanking Philip Kotler for all the work he has done on marketing.

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The book on the Marketing Distinguo concept

“This article has good examples, stories, a new theory, but also a process to finally come to the differentiation you need“.

Prof. Philip Kotler on the Marketing Distinguo concept and method that led to the card deck

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Essentials of Modern Marketing – Italy edition

The book written by Philip Kotler, Gabriele Carboni and other gurus of marketing.

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Big Bang Marketing 2021

Big Bang Marketing 2021 was written by the eWMS talsk of Philip Kotler, Gabriele Carboni, Marshal Goldsmith, Martha Rogers and many other gurus of marketing.

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